Amazing Weather

Isn’t it great to be enjoying such great weather. The strong sunshine causes high contrast problems for us photographers though! I often see puzzled faces in this weather “why is she using flash when its so sunny?” well the flash balances out and reduces some of the shadows. Heard of “fill-in” flash? It will fill in the shadows created by very bright sunshine. So trust me, I am qualified and know what I’m doing. Looking forward to some sunny wedding coming up. You really can’t beat it. But don’t worry, most venues have a little corner we can use in the event of a rain or thunder shower, or even total downpour. So trust in me and I will steer you effortlessly through your day.

I have added some previous customer feedback to my About section. If you want to see what people really think of me.

Enjoy the sunshine, drink plenty or water and put that sunscreen on, what an great excuse to buy a fabulous wedding hat. Have a good July everyone , peak wedding season, and hopefully many memories to be made.

Big Love

C xxx

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