A Family Occassion

I absolutely LOVE weddings!!! A family wedding is such a great time. Everyone makes the effort to meet up, seeing people you don’t get time to see. I love to see everyone dressed up for the occasion and really have a good old family catch up and talk about the old times. I just love seeing this in other families too. Watching all the interaction during the day, capturing those for the bride and groom to look back at. Watching two families come together is so special.

I know from various online forums how stressful all that planning can be, who to invite, who not too. How did you decide who to invite? Any hints and tips?

A Celebration of your relationship

Weddings are a celebration of your relationship. And quite right too! It can take a long time to find one person you want to make a life with and grow old with. All that time you have spent getting to know each other. Seeing what things you like and dislike about that person and making compromises. So your wedding should be a big deal! But then organising a wedding can be a minefield of compromises. But don’t forget the end goal, to make a life time commitment to the person you love. Weddings should be a celebration of that. So don’t let the stress take over and keep in sight that if everything went completely wrong, as long as you are married to the person you love and have a fun day with family and friends does anything else really matter? So the menu got forgotten about….your shoes hurt and you went bare foot (no one noticed!)…the flowers weren’t quite right, the napkins were the wrong shade….DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!!! Do what you want, the way you want it, and don’t forget to enjoy your day of celebration of the two of you. It will be the biggest and best party you ever have, so enjoy.

Tell me what you have had to compromise on, in your wedding or in your relationship? If you are having trouble deciding on something for your wedding let’s see if we can help you?