Summers Ending

Wow, so the bank holiday crept up on me. I thought it was next weekend. Just one week of the school holidays left. As May to September is my busiest time, I am looking forward to slowing down a bit soon! School holidays this year have totally worn me out. I love spending time with my kids but unlike other parents who take their kids and watch them, I like to join in. So I have been rock hunting, trampolining and ice skating, as well as having a lovely holiday with my kids. I wish I had the time, energy and money to do a few more things with them, but for now I am looking forward to a slow down at work and a return of a normal routine. Hold on folks, school holidays are almost over, although the Halloween, bonfire night, xmas and New Year celebrations will soon be on us! I’m going to miss you August and all the fun we had in the great weather. Come back soon summer! You will be missed, but I need a rest first.

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