Brand new photography service for those who think traditional photography belongs in the past!!!

Two photographers will attend your wedding dressed as wedding guests. We create a cover story to tell your guests and two photographers attend your event in total secret.

You still get the same amazing professional service but done in a totally new way.

Documenting your day via the latest mobile technology, and looking like any other guests. A full documentary photography style wedding with no set up pictures and a true recording of your day and the events that happen. Totally in secret to your guests. Anyone wanting photos with you, you can call your old friend Caroline to take a photo on her phone! No one will ever know they have a professional recording the day. We will look like any other guests, and will behave so too, but much less alcohol will be involved 😉

A full day photography will cost £1500 for our two photographers to attend from the ceremony to the first dance. It’ll be our secret!

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